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Brent is Racing Super League Triathlon this Weekend!!

Hello .. I can hardly believe that the Super League Triathlon will be underway in just 1 more day! Brent has been involved in the early days of the planning of this incredible 3-day super sprint race format and he is very excited to be involved in this evolution of triathlon. The spectacular event will begin with the Triple Mix on March 17th, the Equalizer on March 18th and the Eliminator on March 19th. This is happening on Hamilton Island in Australia so we will be able to see Brent in action on Thursday in the Northern Hemisphere.

Here is the schedule:

  • March 17th: Triple Mix is 300 m swim, 6 km bike, 2 km run – done first as swim/bike/run – then as run/bike/swim – then as bike/swim/run – it is going to be fast and furious!
  • March 18th: Equalizer is 300 m swim, 6 km bike, 2 km run – but done as swim/run/swim/bike/run
  • March 19th: Eliminator is 300 m swim, 6 km bike, 2 km run – but 3 different race done as swim/bike/run – eliminating athletes each round.

You can follow everything on This event has invested much money into providing a great spectator experience so you can expect to see some great coverage whether that is online or on television (depending on where you are located).

Thank you for all of your support fulfilling Brent’s equipment, uniform and nutrition needs leading up to his travel to Australia. Brent has a history of “speed” as an Olympian and we cannot forget his brilliant top-ten performance at Island House in November. Brent will bring all of his talent to the mix and make his own part of history this weekend.

admincrBrent is Racing Super League Triathlon this Weekend!!