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7th at Island House Invitational

Hello team Brent .. I am so happy to report that Brent finished 7th overall at Island House Invitational Triathlon. Today was the final stage of the 3 day event and included a 750 m swim, 20 km ride and 5 km run. Each athlete started according to their finishing position and cumulative time from the day before so that the first person across the line would be the overall winner. Here is the top ten from this epic event:

  • Richard Murray
  • Cameron Dye
  • Aaron Royle
  • Terenzo Bozzone
  • Eric Lagerstrom
  • Leon Griffith
  • Brent
  • Joe Maloy
  • Sebastian Kienle
  • Lionel Sanders

Incredible for Brent to come back three weeks post Kona and perform so well on 3 consecutive days in races which lasted no more than 2 hours. Incredible versatility! Onward to IRONMAN Arizona.

admincr7th at Island House Invitational